Resources That Are Worth A Look

I’ve given the change of direction in my business idea a couple of days to stew, and I’m still pretty excited about the way things are headed. I’m a pessimist by nature, so being able to stick to a new idea for two consecutive days is a pretty reassuring thing for me, so much so, I’m going to dedicate and entire business blog to it (well, not really, I just wanted to illustrate how excited I am)!

Anyway, since I had already started to dive head first into my business plan for my original idea, I thought it would be best to look for some simple (and hopefully free) software that would allow me to quickly and easily write and change a business plan without having to start from scratch, which is what I’m going to have to do with my current Word document. So, as most people probably should, I started my free and easy search at my local library.

While searching the shelves I came across Complete Business Plan With Software by Bob Adams. Needless to say, since this was exactly what I was looking for, I grabbed the copy and checked it out. Yesterday afternoon I installed the software and spent some time tooling around on it. The program itself is a bit outdated (not that it bothered me that much) but I found the layout and use of the software to be a bit cumbersome and actually made it more difficult to write the business plan. I guess the moral of the story is just because the title is exactly what you’re looking for, doesn’t mean the book will be.

Thankfully, before I left the library I grabbed a copy of Growing Your Business with Google by Dave Taylor. Obviously, our business’ website isn’t up and running yet, but learning about search engine optimization beforehand certainly can’t be a bad thing, not to mention the fact that I’d like to experiment on my business blog site before I start tinkering with my business’ website. Anyway, to be perfectly honest, I haven’t done more than flip through the book, but it looks like it will be a very thorough resource for figuring out how to make sure my webpage is always at the top of the search page. Either way, I’ll keep you posted.

Finally, now that I’ve gotten into this whole business blog thing, I’ve started to see what other people have to offer on their pages. I’ve come across two great business blogs that I’d like to share.

The first one is Small Business CEO, written by Steve Rucinski, and it has a bunch of different articles relating to business, not just small business. One particular article I found interesting was about how businesses are starting to use business blogs as a way to boost sales growth. I thought the article was interesting because at some point down the road I would like to use my business blog as a way to help “drive” people to my business’ web page.

The second business blog may be one of the most useful resources I’ve come across yet. It’s called Entrepreneur’s Journey, written by Yaro Starak, and it is action packed full of useful items. The blog that I found most interesting so far (believe me, I plan on going back and reading more) centered on the top eight search engine optimization techniques. Because I’m such a novice at both blogging and at business, I’m obviously going to be awestruck by a lot of articles out there, however the depth of the content covered in this article blew me away. I have definitely bookmarked this page and will be checking it out on a daily basis.

So, long story short, there really isn’t much progress to report regarding the business. My business partner and I have narrowed down a list of names and are figuring out where we want to go with that. This weekend we are going to start work on a prototype site and continue work on the business plan. While I feel we’ve hit a bit of a rut lately, I’m confident that things will quickly pick up and we will be well on our way to finalizing a successful business.


  1. Hi Brian,

    Thanks so much for your comments, I really am pleased you got something of value from my blog.

    Do you mind if I use your comments as a testimonial sometime?



  2. Yaro,

    I don’t mind at all! I just finished raving about your blog in an email I sent to a couple of my friends. As corny as it sounds, your blog is what I would ultimately like my blog to be like.

    Take care,

  3. Hey Brian!
    Keep up your dedication to this business. In today’s Washington Post Food section, there is an article about a woman opening a coffee shop in Arlington that will cater to people with children. This is an idea I had about 5 or 6 years ago but bailed on it. If you can get hold of today’s Food section, it might help to motivate you to see how other entreprenaurs are going for it!!!