Tips for the New Tech Startup

These days there are tech companies starting every day. Problem is, many of them fail before they even begin to get any traction. It’s with that in mind that we put together today’s blog. We’ve taken a lot of advice and tips that we found from all over the net, including tips from people who successfully started their own tech company. If you’re keen on doing the same then this blog is definitely for you as it has lots of excellent advice and tips that you can follow (from people who have already done) to make sure that your tech startup is a great success. Enjoy.

One of the best bits of advice that we’ve heard is simply this; don’t be in a huge hurry to get your new tech product out the door and into the public’s hands. In many cases going ahead with a product that isn’t ready for the market can be much worse than waiting a few extra weeks (or even months) until it’s really ready to go.

As cofounder of Yesware, an email provider for salespeople, Matthew Bellows advises that you shouldn’t sell your product too soon and that you should also hold back on your sales and marketing until you are quite sure your product is ready to go and it also has tons of inbound interest going for it.

Another common mistake that many startups make is that they start hiring people right away to take over certain roles in the company before learning fully about those roles themselves. While this might help as far as lowering your workload it also takes away any chance that you might have two actually see how many things are done and, indeed, need to be done when starting a new tech business. Without this experience it’s going to be hard to measure if you are employees are successfully taking care of their part of the job.

One of the cofounders of Apptegic, Karl Wirth, agrees with the above advice wholeheartedly. He admits that, for the first year and a half that his tech startup was in business, he was the only salesperson. This helped him to not only learn how to sell his product but also how to determine a prospective customer from someone who’s just kicking the tires. Mr. Wirth says that he knew that sales would be important but that he had no idea it would help to shape and refined his business so profoundly.

Most new tech company founders agree that as engineers it’s hard to know exactly what other tasks need to be performed in order to actually bring a product to market and then successfully sell it. Doing it all yourself, they agree, is one heck of a great way to learn. As the engineer and then also the product manager, sales manager and fund-raiser you find exactly what needs to be done and then, using that experience, you can start hiring people to fill the positions and already I have a very good idea about exactly the kind of people you need.

That leads to a point that most tech startup founders will agree on; people are your most important asset but hiring them to quickly is the best way to burn through your startup capital. What most recommend is that, while you hold off on hiring, you start looking for talent and interviewing ahead of time.

Another point that most are keen to make is simply that you have to focus on the end user of your new product more than any other group of people. Matt Bellows agrees and notes that the days of sales and marketing driven companies are almost attheir end. Any new tech startup today must be in tune with their end-user and must be listening to them with both ears.

Finally, many a tech startup founder or cofounder will tell you that you should prepare to see your first version of any new tech fall flat on its face. That’s right; be prepared to fail. The simple fact is, any new tech is going to need hundreds if not thousands of beta testers in order to get out all the bugs and present a solid product to the world. If you know this going and then you will be better prepared when negative feedback and bugs send you back to the drawing board.

We hope that you enjoyed this blog and that, if you’re developing a new mobile app or any other kind of new tech, you’ve gotten some insight and some good ideas. Please come back and join us again soon for more and best of luck with your new business. See you soon.

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