You’ve Got To Crawl Before You Walk

Overall, today was a pretty successful day for business idea (I can’t call it “the business” quite yet as it’s still not fully off the ground). However, the fact it was a successful day may be only because my basis for comparison is my procrastination plagued Saturday. Either way, at the very least I started to get a lot of important things out of the way.

Doug (my business partner) and I worked today for about three hours to start to hammer out some details for our business plan. We finally narrowed down a list of names, or pieces of it, for the business, came up with a working slogan, began to form our mission statement and listed all of the ideas for our mission statement. Come to think of it, we were able to get a lot accomplished.

While I was at the library I checked out a couple of books to help us finalize the tasks we worked on today – Names that Sell by Fred Barrett and a copy of The Mission Statement Book by Jeffrey Abrahams. Hopefully these two resources will help out the finishing touches on these two key issues regarding the business. I’ll let you know if they were of any use.

While the weekend wasn’t as successful and productive as I had intended, I think that the ball is finally rolling on getting the framework of the business plan and finally getting our business idea to be more than just an idea.