The Secret to Hiring Excellent Talent

Here’s a newsflash that many entrepreneurs might not want to hear; it’s almost impossible to build a successful business or start up by yourself. Also, it’s not the best idea to hire a group of friends or family to help you as usually this ends and family problems and ended friendships.

When it comes time to hire talent for your new business or startup you really need to take a look at yourself first and determine what your own strengths and weaknesses are. The reason is simple; you want to pick people who complement those strengths and make up for those  weaknesses. If you do you’ll put together a team that will more easily form a tight partnership, win over new customers, expand quickly and do all of the other things that are crucial to your growth and success.

One of the most vital aspects of this is to create a culture in your new company that is attractive to the best people. There is no way to build a great team for your startup if the atmosphere and working conditions at your business are unattractive. Of course one of the problems with hiring top talent is that, in most cases, top talent comes with the top talent price. Overcoming this challenge takes creativity, to say the least.

One of the ways to do this is simply to higher people that can do the things that you can’t. For example, if you’re excellent at business development you probably should hire someone who’s good at marketing or customer support.

One of the best ways however to recruit new people is to be an excellent salesperson. Why? Because if you have a vision about what your company is going to be and you’re passionate about that vision, you’re going to need to be able to sell that to talented individuals and persuade them to see your vision and become passionate about it as well. If you can do that and convince them that what you’re providing is, in actuality, an excellent opportunity, it will be much easier to get great talent at an affordable price.

Simply put, the odds of putting together an excellent team is going to be much higher if you can instill the same passion and vision into your new employees as you have in yourself. If they are convinced that they are working with you towards something that’s going to be “big”, they’re going to be more inclined to work for you at an amount less than what they can get somewhere else.

Another important aspect of hiring talented people is to make sure that your hiring process weeds out the people who don’t truly believe in what you are doing, don’t see your vision and don’t have the passion necessary to really make things happen. Keep in mind that while all of the people you hire should believe in your vision and show your passion, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they should all come from the same background. Diversity among your team members can be quite valuable.

To close out this blog we’ve got 5 steps that you can use to hire excellent talent for either your new startup or for an already existing business.

  1. First, identify precisely the exact skills that your business needs.
  2. Identify your strongest skills and, more importantly, your weaknesses.
  3. Recruit people who are better than you in those areas where you are weak.
  4. Use your core values, and your vision, to create a strong culture among your employees and team members.
  5. Use these values to manage your people and, if necessary, move them out of your company if they don’t “fit in”.


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